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Spanish | French is a special documentary film project on cooperatives across the globe. Through an innovative methodology that combines the research and the audiovisual backgrounds of the filmmakers, the films give the voice to the members of the cooperatives to explain their own story.

Watch all documentary films

Watch all documentary films

We have talked with the filmmakers, Sara Vicari and Andrea Mancori, about the filming approach, their experience with cooperators across the globe and the key elements that make this collection of cooperative stories an exciting and educative journey to discover the power of change through collective action


A joint project by


The ICA-EU Partnership on international development (also known as #coops4dev) was signed in 2016 between the International Cooperative Alliance and the European Commission to strengthen the cooperative movement as key actor in international development.
Read more about #coops4dev on our website.

These films have been co-funded by the European Union. The contents related to these films are the sole responsibility of the International Cooperative Alliance and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union.


Covid 19  Impacts Co-operatives Around the World

The is no better time than the present to consider what co-operative organizations from around the world might do to help mitigate the social and economic consequences resulting from the spread of the corona virus.  

       Key Resources on Cooperative and SSE Responses to COVID-19

       Building Back Better - Europe and Around the World

        Electric Co-operatives in the USA 

As strange as it may seem, co-operative organizations tend to do better overall than both public sector and private sector organizations in times of crisis.  While it is still to early too ascertain whether or not that may be true in the cases of the Covid-19 pandemic, what is true in this case, is that co-operative behaviors among individuals, neighbors, families, cities, states, countries, or regions can work better than competition or conflict.  Do you agreed?

    Global Co-operative Development Group Switches to Network


The Global Co-operative Development Group Inc has changed from being a traditional co-operative organization into an online development network. Our new name is now the Global Co-operative Development Network.  Our Co-operative Enterprise brand remains unchanged. We continue to have the same purposes and objectives which are to:

  1. Provide a space for co-operative practitioners, researchers, developers, and educators to contribute their experience and expertise to support the development of co-operative enterprises globally.
  2. Help promote awareness, understanding and appreciation of the unique aspects of the co-operative enterprise business model.
  3. Stimulate positive growth in and across co-operative systems of enterprises through research and development, evaluation, and strategic intelligence activities and initiatives.
  4. Acquire or create and deliver information technologies which help to empower, inform, involve, educate and connect co-operatives and their members.





Did you know.....

Co-operatives employ 20% more people globally than multinationals employ.


Co-operatives are the largest social movement in the world.



Co-operatives Enterprise - US$1.1 trillion in annual turnover by the 300 largest co-operatives.



 We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used

when we created them.        Albert Einstein     



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