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Please email us details of any co-operative development news items you might wish to us to include on our website.  Any and all news items are welcome, although we reserve the right to limit and edit content.  Photos may also be included. We appreciate if any photos  provided they are less than 1,024 KB in size.  
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  • 03 Oct 2020 12:00 AM | Terry MacDonald (Administrator)

    As is the tradition within cooperative systems around the world, when the going gets tough, then the tough get going.  So why was I not surprised to find things happening just below the surface in the co-operative world, that confirm what I had hoped and I suspected might be the case, all along.

    Many Co-operatives Around the World Are Shining!

    Sure like many others enterprises some are struggling to survive. However the survey by ICA illustrates that co-operatives are leaning in, learning, and doing their part in caring fo, and supporting their members, and their communities, just as much as they are able, all around the globe. Could there really be a better time to use some of  the financial and social capital, accumulated over the years, to support those who contributed, and who at this time also need it most. 

    So please see for yourself what many co-operatives around the world are up to in dealing with covid19 and its fall out:

    Please stay safe! 

  • 21 Jan 2020 7:58 PM | Terry MacDonald (Administrator)

    For the latest co-operative happenings click on this link to visit the International Co-operative Alliance news page: .

  • 13 Mar 2018 2:56 PM | Terry MacDonald (Administrator)

    At our annual meeting in the summer of 2017, the Board of Directors felt that the work of the co-operative had been achieved. While individual members still intend to be involved in various ways in international co-operative development, we concluded that the need to do so within a formal co-operative entity no longer was needed.

    A resolution to wind-up the co-operative as soon as might be practical was passed at the 2017 annual meeting. We are now in the process of doing so, and have submitted our resolution to wind-up the co-operative to the appropriate government authority indicating our intentions.

    Accordingly effective March 31, 2018 we have ended operating as a federally registered co-operative. We will undertake to provide further details to all supporters and to others interested in our work by email as soon as possible.


  • 02 Jul 2016 2:11 PM | Terry MacDonald (Administrator)

    Around the world co-operative enterprises gather to celebrate their achievements every July 2nd, as International Credit Union Day. 

    This year the International Co-operative Alliance is inviting all co-operatives from around the world to celebrate by pledging individual efforts towards the achievement of the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

    You may see the July 2nd video announcement here and read about how as a co-operative your organization can take action towards the achievement of specific goals here.

    Happy International Credit Union Day!


  • 24 Jun 2016 3:57 PM | Terry MacDonald (Administrator)

    A 35 YEARS Plus RE-UNION and RE-CONNECT EVENT OF York University (Faculty of Environmental Studies) - Co-operative Management  Students and Friends from 1979 thru 1987 was held on Sunday June 12, 2016    5:00 pm – 8:00 pm CST at the Twisted Vine Restaurant, Regina, SK Canada and live on the internet via Skype.

    York Re-Union Re-connect FES Co-op Alumni June 12 2016 Password Protected.pdf

    Master of the Environment (ME): The Honorable William Dinu, MES


    Attendees included:

    Brain Smith and guest, Bill Dinu and guest, Jo-Anne Ferguson and guest, Sandi Bergen, Duane Bristow, and Terry MacDonald and guest.  Anita McBride, Murray Gardiner and Jack Craig joined in via Skype.


    Written updates and greetings were also received from:

    Fred Clark, Fred Carden, Sherill Carden, Simon Owens, Bob Luker, Janice Cannon (Shahsavar), Suleman Chambo, Bonnie Rose, John Jordan, and Glen Taylor


    The evening began with an informal reception complete with finger food and refreshments, followed by a delicious meal.   This was a chance for those present to renew old friendships and rekindle past memories.


    We also spent time toasting Fred Carden on his birthday today, and even managed a Happy Birthday chorus for Murray Gardiner whilst he was connected online from the Toronto area.  At the same time, we were also able to link in Anita McBride, and a little later on with Jack Craig via Skype.


    Just prior to the meal we remembered with a moment of silence those faculty friends and alumnus who had passed and were no longer with us. They included:

    Ramadhan Megjhi, Moshi, Tanznaia 

    Dick Hatlelid, Kelowna, BC

    Al MacIntosh, Ottawa, ON

    Prof. Michel Chevalier, Montreal, QC and

    Stephan Haley, Atlantic Canada


    As we began our meal, the ME asked the question as to how our experiences at York FES had influenced our lives. There were many different responses. While some had moved into related fields of study and work, everyone agreed that being in the Faculty of Environmental Studies and the Co-operative Module had significantly affected each of our lives in important ways. It also had long term impacts on our respective organizations and across the Canadian and African co-operative movements. Incidentally this theme pervades many of the updates we have received from many of our alumnus.


    During dinner, after a glass of wine or two our round table touched discussion touched on our personal lives, but then turned to a group discussion of global economic issues, the state of the US political systems & democracy, radicalism and terrorism, the life-long pleasure of learning, and the applicability of systems thinking to understanding conditions today, to name but a few.  Given our co-operative backgrounds and our interests we also discussed the importance and the value of co-operatives in the world today.  The question was asked (but perhaps not fully answered) – “What, if anything, might be done to help change the fact that an ever smaller percentage of the world’s population is controlling more and more of the world's wealth?”  We also talked about the social economy and changing attitudes especially on the part of those in younger than ourselves.


    As we were wrapping up, the concept of a one world credit union was tossed around. Please see the link to an interesting video by one of our alumni, Murray Gardiner, explaining the concept.


    The idea of meeting again in the not too distant future was posited to the group.  Perhaps annually.  Some members of the group agreed that they would like to stay in connect with other group members.  I agreed and indicated we could use our co-operative’s (Global Co-operative Development Group Inc.) website blog

    ( as one way of doing so. The idea of meeting again in a year (instead of every 10 - 15 years) to carry on around some of the same topics received some interest.  I’ve included everyone’s email address in the personal updates provided, in case you wish to contact particular persons directly.   There even seemed to be interest in holding a gathering in Mexico this coming winter!


    Anyway after a couple of glasses of red wine... it turned out to be quite a 'hoot' as one might alumni and friend I know used to say! 


    Our gathering ended around 8:00 pm with best wishes shared by everyone, and a promise on my part to send final complete set of materials to everyone.  This is being done via private email to all participants.  An open “York University Co-operative Alumnus Discussion” thread has also been included within our website blog so that folks who may wish to can add further comments or discussion.   


    My sincere thanks to everyone for contributing and for making the event the success that it was.


    Terry MacDonald, MES


  • 09 May 2016 5:22 PM | Terry MacDonald (Administrator)

    Work is continuing on defining particulars for an new and exciting global co-operative coaching and mentoring program. 

    We are seeking partnerships with co-operative organizations as well as with persons may already be providing such similar or ancillary services.

    You will notice a new SERVICES menu item has been added to our existing website.  Most of the items required for the coaching and mentoring program are under construction at this time.  You can download an early draft of our coaching / mentoring profile application form from the Services menu -> Coaching and Mentoring - > Becoming Involved page. 

    Please check back within the next month for further details.  Or if you are prefer drop us an email or leave us a phone message using our Contact Menu item.

  • 05 Apr 2016 12:30 PM | Terry MacDonald (Administrator)

    On April 5th Terry MacDonald, Managing Director of GCDG, gave a short presentation followed by questions and answers to members of the Rotary Club of Ajijic. The Rotary Club of Ajijic is one of only a few English speaking Rotary clubs in Mexico. 

    Terry's presentation explained why co-operatives exist, how they are unique, and included many examples of successful co-operative enterprise around the world and in Mexico. The presentation was well received with many good questions asked following the presentation, and also following the meeting.

    Terry wishes to thank the club executive for giving him the opportunity to address club members on the topic of Co-operative Enterprise.    A copy of his presentation may be download here:

  • 18 Mar 2016 11:24 AM | Terry MacDonald (Administrator)

    After contacting more than 2 dozen persons involved in credit union and co-operative development the Board of Directors of GCDG have agreed to continue exploring the potential for such a program, including what could be its major elements as well as how it might best be organized and delivered to be sustainable over time. 

    You may read the preliminary report describing the project and some initial thoughts on going forward using this link: Report on Coaching and Mentoring.pdf  

    Please check back in the next month or two for further updates.

  • 22 Feb 2016 10:31 AM | Terry MacDonald (Administrator)

    On Feb 22, 2016  Terry MacDonald, Greg Wallace, Alfredo Molina, Patrick O'Connor and Sandra Wallace met with the President Jesus Torres Nuno of TRADOC at the tire factory in El Salto Mexico to discuss the history and current state of this rather unique worker co-operative. 

    The meeting lasted for almost two hours during which President Jesus Torres described the struggle roughly 1,000 workers went thru in a 4 year battle with the Germany multinational company - Continental Tire.   You can read a little of their earlier story here:

    Update - April 2, 2016 The story is in the final stages of editing and being translated into Spanish for review by Sr. Torres.  We hope the story can be posted on our website and on the ICA stories website early in May. 

  • 27 Jan 2016 11:33 PM | Terry MacDonald (Administrator)

                                                   Press Release
           Concern for Community: The Relevance of Co-operatives to Peace
    By Ian MacPherson & Yehudah Paz
    Edited by Joy Emmanuel
    Release Date – December 10, 2015
    A new e-book on the history, theory, and practice of co-operatives and peace by the late Dr Ian MacPherson and the late Dr Yehudah Paz will be published in early December.
    As part of several initiatives focused on co-operatives and peace, Ian and Yehudah were working on this publication at the time of their unfortunate passings in November 2013. Concern for Community: The Relevance of Co-operatives to Peace contains the distillation of the authors’ convictions on how peace building is at the core of the co-operative model of enterprise and how co-operatives can make a fundamental contribution to peace making initiatives.
    Drawing  on  their  many  years  of  direct  experience  in  the  co-operative  sector  and  their contributions to the field of Co-operative Studies, the authors lay out their insights on the subject of co-operatives and peace. From a review of the historical record to the development of the Co-operative Identity Statement in 1995, the authors illustrate how peace has been a significant theme in the life of the international co-operative movement.  From an examination of how co-operatives  empower  their  members  to  address  inequalities  and  social  tensions  in  local communities,  to  defining  the  role  co-operatives  can  play  in  building  relationships  among  all parties in war-torn regions, they explain how the co-operative movement has developed a set of values and practices that build on a concern for community and form a natural bridge to building a more just, peaceful world. 
    “Peace building happens in communities not on battlefields,” claims Dr Ian MacPherson. “And it is  in  this  context  that  co-operatives  can  make  their  greatest  contribution to  building  a  more peaceful world.” 
    “Peacemaking is central to the growth of the co-operative movement,” asserts Dr Yehudah Paz, “and co-operatives are relevant to matters of peacemaking and conflict resolution at the level of neighbour-to-neighbour within and across communities, regions, and nations.”
    The writings of the authors are complimented by nine case studies illustrating how co-operatives embody practices of peace building from employment creation for marginalized groups of people and  establishing  savings  plans  in  impoverished  communities;  to  addressing  discriminatory practices  around  race,  ethnicity,  gender,  and  religion;  to  engaging  in  sensitive  practices  of peace building in communities affected by outright violent conflict.  “This book is part of the legacy of two men who deeply believed in co-operatives as a value-based tool for development, as well as the role of the co-operative movement in brokering peace,” states Vivian Silver, Former Co-Executive Director, AJEEC-NISPED, Israel.
    “The co-operative movement has not yet been awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace, but this book makes one hopeful that it might one day be more fully acknowledged for its role in promoting an ideal longed for with more urgency in recent days.”  Charles Gould, Director General of the ICA
    Concern for Community: The Relevance of Co-operatives to Peace will be available as of December 10, 2015 as a free e-book. See:  
    Thanks to the Co-operative News for assistance in distribution and promotion of the publication and other co-operative organizations for support in promoting the publication, including: the ICA Research Committee (, Negeva Institute for Strategies of Peace and Development (, the Co-operative Development Foundation ( the  Canadian  Co-operative  Association  (,  Co-operatives  and  Mutuals Canada  (CMC)  (,  the  Canadian  Association  for  Studies  in  Co-operation
    (CASC) (, and the Co-op College, UK ( 
    Dr  Yehudah  Paz  was  founder  and  Chair  of  the  Negva  Institute  for  Strategies  of  Peace  and Development (NISPED).  Yehudah served as director of the ICA Board from 1993-2005, he was chair of the ICA Human Resource Development Committee from many years, and also served as a  member  of  the  Standing  Committee  of  the  Asia-Pacific  region.  He  was  Chairperson  of  the Department of International Relations of the Central Union of Co-operative Societies in Israel and academic  Director  of  the  Israel  Co-operative  College.  In  2005,  he  was  award  the  Rochdale Pioneers Award from the ICA and in 2006 he received the Golden Dove of Peace prize from the Institute for International Research Disarmament Archives (IRIAD) in Italy. Dr Paz was a member of Kibbutz Kissufim from 1951 until his death in 2013. Throughout his life, he worked for peace, political justice, and the cause of international co-operation. 
    Ian  MacPherson  was  a  leading  figure  in  both  the  Canadian  and  International  Co-operative Movement.  He was an historian, a scholar, a co-operative activist and a strong promoter of the
    field  of  Co-operative  Studies.  For  many  years,  Ian  was  the  Director  of  the  British  Columbia Institute for Co-operative Studies a research center he founder at the University of Victoria in 1999 to promote Co-operative Studies.  He served as Chairperson of the ICA Research Committee at  the  time  of  the  revision  of  the  1995  Principles  and  the  development  of  the  Co-operative Identity Statement for the Twenty-First Century. He played a leading role in the founding of the Canadian Co-operative Association and the Canadian Association for the Study of Co-operation. 
    For over forty years, Ian served on the board of many co-operatives including serving as president of Credit Union Central of British Columbia, and on the boards of consumer, financial, and health care  co-operatives.  Along  with  teaching,  Ian  contributed  to  the  field  of  Co-operative  Studies through his prolific writing. He wrote and co-edited over 20 books, 150 articles and gave over 300 conference presentations.  
    Joy Emmanuel,
    Editor, Concern for Community: The Relevance of Co-operatives to Peace
    Turning Times Research and Consulting

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